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5 Popular Poker Games To Learn And Play

Poker is one of the biggest attractions at casinos and most people know how to play it. The good thing is there are many interesting variations of poker too. Learning how to play these can keep you engaged and entertained for hours. And what better way to spend your time when you are forced to stay indoors because of the pandemic? You can play poker with friends on weekends or play with real money at poker sites to make a quick buck. Whatever you prefer to do, learning poker games and rules is essential to get started.

  1. Texas Hold’em Poker: This is by far the most popular and loved poker game of all. You can play Texas Hold’em in tournaments all over the world like the WPT, EPT, and WSOP. In this type of poker, the dealer shuffles a standard card deck with 52 cards. When you play it at home, this duty is shared amongst all players one by one. Where a dealer is involved, there is a dealer button or round disk that moves clockwise after every hand to indicate which player is going to be the dealer. Every player gets 2 hole cards for creating the best 5-card hand. 2 players on the dealer’s left will post a big and small bind to star betting.
  2. Omaha Poker: This is a thrilling poker version for those keen to experience bigger swings. In this type, players are dealt 4 hole cards and they can only use 2 of these. Like the Texas Hold’em version, Omaha too has 5 community cards having a turn, flop, and river. Betting is also done in a similar way. But to increase your chances of winning your bet, check out the pitkävetovinkit guide available on the internet. This guide talks about long draw tips that will help you when you can’t find a suitable draw target yourself. These poker games typically play out in a pot-limit or limit format such as the Omaha-8-or Better and Omaha High. The latter is similar to the Texas Hold’em where players will try to win the post having the highest hand. Omaha is fast-paced and perfect for those seeking an adrenaline rush.
  3. 2-7 Triple Draw: This is a type of advanced poker where the aim is to create the lower possible 5-card hand in a 4-round betting game, having 3 draws a game. Players will choose the cards to discard, anywhere within 0-5 cards, while dealer provides replacement cards. After the 3rd draw there is a final betting round and the dealer button then decided the order of betting. While aces will play high deuces will play low.
  4. Seven-card stud: This was originally the most popular poker game before the Texas Hold’em appeared on the scene. It is played by 2-8 players having no community cards or flop. It starts with 2 cards facing down and one facing up. When 7 cards have been dealt (3 facing down and 4 facing up), you can choose the best 5-card combination.
  5. Open-Faced Chinese Poker: This relatively new version started in 2011 and was developed from the regular close-faced Chinese poker. In this, players would draw cards from one deck and try to create the best possible hand. Players played for points and not rounds like any other card game. Once all card replacement is done, players will arrange 13 cards into 3 hands, bottom, middle, and top. The top has 3 cards, while the middle and bottom have 5-card hands. An added benefit is that Bitcoin is accepted here to play poker games online. Since Bitcoin is completely digital, it only takes a few seconds to transfer them. So, players can use the Bitcoin Motion Trading Platform to buy Bitcoins and play poker seamlessly.

These are the most commonly used variants but there are many others too. You can learn the rules at different casino websites. Find the one you like and start playing!